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Letter #14 – Pump the Breaks on Geoengineering

This letter, signed by chapter head Eric C. Miller and the leadership team of the Fishing Creek Watershed Association, appeared in the Bloomsburg Press-Enterprise on Thursday, March 2. On Monday, March 13, our organizations will meet up for a demonstration of En-ROADs, the climate modeling tool developed by Climate Interactive and the Sloan Sustainability Initiative at MIT. For more information, visit!

Letter #8 – Carbon Pricing is Good!

This letter appeared in the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise on Friday, October 8, in response to a pair of letters published on September 9:

And September 29:

Meanwhile, this week Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse stated that the final reconciliation bill is all but certain to include a price on methane, and is likely to include a price on carbon. Here’s hoping!

Letter #6 – Climate Action Should Unify Parties

Nationally, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby remains laser-focused on passing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act as a means to slashing America’s annual carbon emissions. Locally, members of our chapter are also concerned about the state of American democracy, especially as states such as Georgia and Texas have moved to curtail voting rights and to make voting more difficult. Since we rely on advocacy and persuasion to achieve our political goals, our efforts are directly threatened by a politics that hopes to weaken grassroots action. In our June letter, Eric C. Miller argues that American politics are in a bad place right now, but that large challenges provide us with opportunities to rise.

As always, learn more about the Energy Innovation Act here.

Letter #4 – PA Should Join Greenhouse Gas Plan

Our fourth letter of 2021 appeared in the Bloomsburg Press-Enterprise on Saturday, May 8. To learn more about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, check out this explainer from the Natural Resources Defense Council. For more on efforts to block Pennsylvania’s entry, see this recent piece from State Impact Pennsylvania.